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Komax to offers WireScan™ Series as an option for Press

Komax has determined that OES’s WireScan system effectively inspects both wire stripping and seal loading in-process during the production cycle. The WireScan system is comprised of a Laser Profile Analyser (the LPA56B) that scans the wire as well as machine software interface which separates defects including incorrectly positioned seals, projected strands, or incorrect stripping lengths. […]

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Delphi approves lastest Crimp Force Monitors from OES

October 23, 2008 New Product, New Product, New Product

OES has received Equipment Release Notifications from Delphi’s Manufacturing Excellence Center for their new generation of crimp monitoring technology. The newly introduced models, specifically the CFM4100/4200 and CFM2100, have all received approval for use within Delphi manufacturing operations. “We are very pleased to receive this recognition of our newest crimp force monitoring technology.” says Mike […]

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Meeting the Demands of Small Gauge Wire

August 29, 2008 Uncategorized

OES has applied their recently launched PBT Sensor technology to help a major wire harness manufacturer meet their challenge of monitoring the crimping force applied when processing small gauge wire. The first commercially available PBT Sensor model was incorporated into the Base Plate component. Now that same high sensitivity sensor technology is available within the […]

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OES Receives Prestigious Delphi Technology Pinnacle Award

May 7, 2008 Uncategorized

Delphi Corp, a leading global supplier of electronics and transportation systems to the automotive industry, has chosen OES Technology as the winner of it’s 2008 Technology Pinnacle Award Delphi specifically acknowledged OES “for their ability to view problems as opportunities, focus their creative resources on innovation, and successfully bring new ideas to market.” “The focus […]

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OES Introduces PBT Sensor Technology for Small Gauge Wire Applications

February 5, 2008 Uncategorized

OES Technologies debuts a new innovation within the sensor industry with their PBT Sensor technology designed specifically for electrical wire processing. This technology is incorporated into a replacement base plate module on the press. Crimp force monitoring systems currently deployed on most wire processing systems have inherent performance limitations when used for small gauge/low force […]

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