Wire Processing & Process Monitoring Products

Wire Processing, Process Monitoring

Explorer™ Kit

  • Monitor your process and develop an approach forin-process quality monitoring
Supports process investigations for test & measurement and manufacturing applications
    • New machine applications – testing & benchmarking
    • Existing production machines – analyze process capabilty
    • Supports development and implementation of in-process quality monitoring systems
Typical Investigation Steps:
    • Select and validate the sensor for the application (force, strain, displacement, pressure, or motorload)
    • Capture the characteristics signature during the process
    • Analyze the signature for repeatability
    • Introduce changes to process (quaility defects, dimensional change, etc.) and evaluate the characteristic changes to theprocess signature.
    • Confirm process capability and implement an in-process monitoring system.
Explorer Kit typically includes:
  • ForceWorx Unit
  • PVM application software
  • Mounting stand
  • Connecting cables
  • Carrying case