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New OES technology presented at Aluminium Wire & Cable Conference 2015, MesseTurm Frankfurt, Germany

December 11, 2015 Uncategorized

December 11, 2015 – The Aluminium Wire & Cable exhibition and conference, held in Frankfurt, Germany brought together aluminium wire producers, application engineers, and speakers to share their knowledge on the growing market demand for aluminium wire and cable, opportunities, and application challenges (

The use of aluminium wire in automotive applications continues to grow, offering the benefits of weight reduction, availability, and reduced cost over copper wire. However processing aluminium wire presents new challenges for the automotive wire harness manufacturers. Michael Reeve VP of Business Development, OES Technologies spoke about automotive industry trends towards new materials including aluminium wire, the impact and the associated challenges for the automotive wire harness manufacturer, and why new challenges require new technology approaches for assurance of part quality. “Processing new materials such as aluminium wire requires new technology approaches and solutions for ensuring part quality” says Michael Reeve who went on to present OES’s recently developed in-process monitoring technology to address a core challenge for ensuring the quality of the crimp termination of the wire and terminal, one of the most quality sensitive elements of the assembly process.

OES Technologies supplies products and technology solutions that monitor machines for quality defects during the part production process. Advanced sensors combined with signature and profile analysis technologies monitor the force or strain during the metal forming, fastening, or assembly, and isolate quality defects automatically. OES products have been approved and adopted by leading global automotive component manufacturers, and distributed through an established network of independent sales offices in fifteen countries with two OES subsidiary offices in Texas and Shanghai. OES Technologies’ products are capable of being re-purposed into new manufacturing applications and markets for quality assurance of critical assembly processes.