The Industry Leader in Wire Harness Process Monitoring & Quality Assurance Wire ProcessingProduct Catalogue

  • Analyze
    Press Analysis
    Tool Kit

    Validate your presses, calibrate your CFM's.

  • Monitor
    Crimp Defect

    Proven, wire crimp
    analysis & traceability.

  • Inspect
    Wire Strip /
    Seal Load

    Automated, no contact,
    in-process inspection.

  • Sense
    Capturing Process

    Force, Strain,
    SenFit Sensors.

  • Control
    Quality Production

    Control your complete
    process - start to finish.

  • Eliminate
    Defective Parts

    In-process, automated
    defect chopper system.

Eliminating Defectsfor over30 years!

Industries including Automotive, Medical, Military, Aerospace, Food and Beverage, and Electronics have recognized the outstanding payback of process variation monitoring for quality control.

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