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Wire Processing Solutions

Demand for zero-defect wire harness assemblies has never been higher

This is where our commitment to quality without question shines.

We’re renowned for solving the challenges associated with wire harness quality assurance. Our products are specified by global automotive manufacturers to detect wire harness part defects during production and are a common element to the many different types of manufacturing machines used to produce electrical wire harnesses.

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Crimp Force Monitors

Our crimp force monitors offer the highest level of crimp defect detection in the industry. They’re a must-have wire inspection solution to ensure quality crimps and zero defects when terminating wires.

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Ensure accurate readings of each crimp produced. Highly sensitive OES sensors deliver exceptional sensing performance for even the most challenging crimp force sensing application.

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Wire & Seal Inspection

Prevent defective wires from getting into production assemblies with our series of high speed wire strip and seal inspection solutions. Our LPA devices offer enhanced inspection of strip and seal quality, increased traceability and in-process monitoring of every wire produced.

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Calibration is a critical benchmark for quality as it ensures equipment is working within correct specifications. Our tools provide the necessary measurement information for the application and keep all presses within standard operating parameters.

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Network Systems

OES network system options connect quality assurance devices together to identify problem parts and stop defects from flowing upstream during production. As more machines and processes are connected together, these systems add an important layer of traceability for every part being produced.

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Patented OES Technology

For over 40 years we’ve been part of advancing the industries we’re in by designing  solutions that help customers take quality assurance to new levels of excellence – and have the patents to prove it.

US Patent No. 5,841,675

Method and apparatus for monitoring quality of electrical wire connections.

US Patent No. 6,496,271

Wire and seal profile analyzer for in-process inspection of wire end.

US Patent No. 6,798,213

Circuit analyzer with integrated component testing capability.

US Patent No. 6,885,463

Sensor device that provides part quality and profile information.

US Patent No. 7,216,519

Strain monitoring for part quality analysis.

US Patent No. 7,333,906

Quality analysis including cumulative deviation determination.

US Patent No. 7,409,368

Dutch auction system with preregistered bid feature.

US Patent No. 7,603,909

Piezoelectric polymer sensor device.

US Patent No. 7,719,695

Sensor device with a radiation directing surface.

US Patent No. 7,765,841

Quality analysis of the tube bending processes including mandrel fault detection.

US Patent No. 8,659,436

Vehicle operator alertness monitoring system.

US Patent No. 9,358,444

Display system including DC locally synchronized power line communication.

US Patent No. 9,880,213

Conductor monitor device and method.

US Patent No. 9,885,735

Sensor device that provides force versus acceleration information.

US Patent No. 9,945,892

Wire processing machine including a conductor monitor device.

Take quality to new levels of excellence

Since 1980, we’ve provided global partners and manufactures quality assurance devices that exceed their expectations. How can we help you?