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OES Technologies Because One Faulty Wire is, One Too Many, Quality Without Question, Environmental, Vehicular, Healthcare, Defense

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We’re leaders in wire harness quality assurance devices.

It’s what we’re known for and why hundreds of manufacturers rely on us.

We have established ourselves as industry leaders in the field of wire harness quality assurance devices, renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence. Trusted by hundreds of manufacturers, our reputation is built on over four decades of innovation, backed by 16 patents. We have consistently driven progress within our respective industries by crafting tailored solutions that empower our customers to elevate their quality assurance standards. Our expertise is rooted in the thorough examination of numerous wire harness manufacturing lines, the development of hundreds of specialized applications, and the global installation of thousands of cutting-edge crimp force systems.

  • Young women working on wires with a large circuit in the background.
  • The white ends of brightly coloured wires, with two women blurred out in the background.
  • Man measuring colourful wires with other staff in the background.
  • The ends of brightly coloured wires grouped by colour.
  • Two women working together putting wires into a smaller machine.

Because One Defective Wire
Is One Too Many

Wire Processing Solutions

Wire processing solutions for the wire harness industry. Whether installed on existing equipment or integrated into new production machines, our dynamic sensors, crimp force monitors, laser profile analyzers and associated software solutions examine 100% of parts being manufactured to inspect wires and prevent defects from entering the supply chain.

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Custom Applications and Solutions

Every industry has particular quality needs and specifications for their manufacturing operations. That’s why our solutions can be adapted to meet the unique requirements across a diverse range of industries and applications.

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Services and Support

With decades of experience we’ve seen it all and know how to use our expertise to provide exceptional all-in-one service. From consulting, installation and onsite retrofits right through to training and repair work we lend our technical know-how and support every step of the way.

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  • crimp force monitor on a wire checking machine
  • A crimp force monitor attached to a machine
  • a crimp force monitor on a manufacturing machine
  • Black crimp monitor an a wire cutting machine
  • sample of an OES crimp monitor on a wire processing machine

Exceed Quality Expectations

Since 1980, we’ve provided global partners and manufactures quality assurance devices that exceed their expectations. How can we help you?