OEM Upgrade

Why are original machine manufacturers promoting process variation monitoring with the sale of their new machines?

Integration | Onsite Retrofit

Differentiating Technology

In-process monitoring supports quality, traceability, and proactive machine maintenance which advances the overall product offering and marketability of new machines.

Quality – 100% of parts produced by the machine are monitored during the assembly process
Reliability – improves machine performance and reliability with reduced downtime and unnecessary scrap
Traceability – capture data from each machine cycle / part produced in traceability reports
Machine Maintenance – early detection of degrading process enables maintenance personnel to address machine problems before they become quality problems

Customer compliance

Process variation monitoring supports the increasing demand from customers requiring in-process monitoring as an integrated feature of new machines (as specified in many RFQ’s).

New market for existing machines

Verification of process quality opens new markets for preferred assembly methodologies.

OES provides multi-national machine manufacturers with in-process monitoring products proven to contribute to their end machine sales.