Wire Processing & Process Monitoring Products

Wire Processing


  • Aim for a higher standard in your wire processing quality control
    • Verifies that the correct terminals, wires and applicator tools are loaded into the machine
    • Barcode scanner/reader matches the material to the work order before engaging the validation stage of production
    • Validates that crimp dimensions and pull strength are within specified limits before starting the production run
    • Pull testers and micrometers are directly connected to the QPM system and the test data from the sample is compared to the specifications in the database
    • Every wire strip and seal insertion is inspected by OES’s WireScan C-Series defect detection system
    • WireScan C-Series is seamlessly integrated into a high-speed wire transfer machine and is connected directly into the QPM system
    • Every crimp cycle is monitored by OES’s CPM5000 crimp force monitor
    • Ensures that each part matches the crimp standard established in the validation stage
    • The CPM5000 is connected directly into the QPM system
    • Eliminate defects with WIREChop
    • Prints a bar-code label at the completion of each production run
    • Interfaces with the plant’s Quality Control System for 100% traceability
    • Productivity Reports allows the user to retrieve, sort, display, and print relevant production reports
    • Applicator Tool Reports contain data on accumulated cycles and enable personnel to better manage perishable tools and to proactively maintain the press