Onsite Retrofit

Why are business owners and machine operators purchasing process variation monitoring as part of their sustainability plan?

Integration | OEM Upgrade

Upgrade existing equipment

Many existing machines are capable of producing quality parts, but do not have in-process monitoring for detection of changing or degrading machine conditions during production. Upgrading existing machines with in-process technology will increase the operator’s understanding of machine processes, improve quality standards, and reduce potential for defective or scrap material reaching your customer.

OES retrofits machines with in-process monitoring products for a wide range of manufacturing processes proven to contribute to improved quality, reduction in scrap, reduced risk of shipping defective parts, and reduced machine downtime.


Improve quality by monitoring the process during production of every part

Customer Compliance

Meet customer compliance monitoring 100% of production parts


Capture data from each machine cycle / part produced in traceability reports

Machine Maintenance

Early detection of degrading process enables maintenance personnel to address machine problems before they become quality problems