Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Artos Engineering is a leading name in the wire processing world, supplying wire processing equipment to global markets. OES`s in-process monitoring and inspection devices are optionally supplied with Artos wire processing machines as an integrated solution for in-process monitoring and inspection of every part produced for assurance of quality. These integrated products include OES`s high performance SenFit™ sensor technology, Crimp Force Monitors, and WireScan™ laser inspection devices. The added value of these quality monitoring systems provides the customer with a high level of confidence in machine productivity and quality.

Novotechnik develops and manufactures a wide variety of rotary and linear position transducers, position sensors, potentiometers, and other related products for motion control. These products integrate naturally with OES products for in-process monitoring applications.

PCB is a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric quartz sensors, accelerometers, and associated electronics for the measurement of dynamic force, strain, pressure, and vibration. The PCB force and strain sensor technologies, combined with OES in-process monitoring products, have been deployed into many manufacturing processes providing a high level of performance and reliability for quality assurance.