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“Automate and Error Proof Plant Floor Processes” presented at Wire Processing Technology Expo

May 13, 2016 Uncategorized

This year the Wire Processing Technology Expo held annually in Milwaukee drew visitors from 28 countries.  This is the only event where the industry meets as a whole to present and access new technologies,  innovative products and services, as well as solutions for challenging wire problems.

Michael Reeve, VP Business Development of OES Technologies  presented the many benefits of connecting plant floor equipment including bench top presses and automatic machines.  “Connectivity provides opportunity to verify correct machine setup, keep everyone alerted to production events in real time,  while supporting  effective decision making”.  These benefits and more were presented and this approach exposed a compelling  case for  increasing productivity and the bottom line.  (For a copy of the presentation please contact OES Technologies.)

OES Technologies supplies products and technology solutions that monitor machines for quality defects during the part production process. Advanced sensors combined with signature and profile analysis technologies monitor the force or strain during the metal forming, fastening, or assembly, and isolate quality defects automatically. OES products have been approved and adopted by leading global automotive component manufacturers, and distributed through an established network of independent sales offices in fifteen countries with two OES subsidiary offices in Texas and Shanghai. OES Technologies’ products are capable of being re-purposed into new manufacturing applications and markets for quality assurance of critical assembly processes.