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Customer profile: Cordé Électrique

May 22, 2020 Uncategorized


Cordé Électrique manufactures electrical harnesses for industries throughout North America and Europe. Their products are designed to meet the most rigorous specifications and quality standards.

To assist Cordé in their goal of being the best equipped company, OES Technologies worked with them to add crimp monitoring solutions onto their production lines. OES products installed include CFM1000 crimp monitors on bench presses, CPM5000’s for high tonnage applications and CFM2203’s on automated machines.

The investment in OES solutions has resulted in a reduction of defective crimps; improved application set-up and any bad crimps are now caught before they move further into the production process. Crimp monitoring has been integral in helping to address factors that can impact crimp quality up front ensuring consistent and high-quality production results are maintained.

Cordé Électrique
Quebec, Canada
Automotive, transportation,
mining, medical and appliances
Solutions need
Standard wire harness crimping
OES products installed
Reference contact
Stéphane Cormier
Technical Director
(450) 532-2333 ext.223

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