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OES Unveils Unparalleled Crimp Quality Assurance for Wire Processing Industry

September 3, 2014 Uncategorized

September 2, 2014 – (London, ON) Today, OES Technologies released ForceView 3, bringing a new level of crimp quality assurance to the wire processing industry.

ForceView 3 is the culmination of over one year’s development, and is available as an upgrade to OES models CFM2100, CFM4100, and CFM4200. This release includes management software with new signature analysis algorithms that combine a high level of operator simplicity with advanced capability to differentiate the most sensitive crimp defects, including missing strands and high insulation from good production parts.

The analysis methodology has been developed specifically for today`s challenges and needs for the highest level of crimp quality assurance with consideration for small gauge wire and consistent performance for the wide range of terminal wire combinations.

Extensive product evaluations conducted by one of the world’s largest harness manufacturers have confirmed that ForceView3 is truly an advancement to crimp monitoring technology. Coupled with OES PBT sensor technology, ForceView 3 will bring superior crimp quality assurance error proofing to both new CFM products and also to current OES customers as an upgrade.

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