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South Korean company adopts OES Technologies products

August 4, 2017 Uncategorized

This week Mr. Park and Mr. Joo from Daesung Machinery Co.,Ltd, (DSM) visited OES corporate office in London. DSM, a distributor of wire processing machines in South Korea, will now start to integrate OES products into their machines for distribution into the South Korean market. This activity will be supported by OES local representative Uritech in South Korea. “We are very pleased to support machine suppliers such as DSM to integrate OES in-process monitoring and inspection technologies into their machines for assurance of part quality” says Michael Reeve, VP, Business Development.

OES Technologies supplies products and technologies to the global automotive wire processing industry. These products include force sensors, crimp quality monitors, laser based part inspection and conductor touch technologies, calibration tools, and networking solutions. Their function is to eliminate part quality defects during the manufacturing process.