QPM Network System

Quality Production Management (QPM) Network System

  • Error proof automated machine setup and production flow
  • Reduce machine setup & changeover time.
  • Optimization of the CFM parameters to the process automatically
  • Manage changing events on the plant floor to control quality
  • Provide 100% traceability of production, and productivity
  • An effective tool for continuous improvement
  • Installed in steps and at a pace that will minimize disruption in production
  • Expandable start with one machine and add an unlimited number of machines, or groups of machines

Adaptable to all existing equipment manual presses and automatic cut, strip, and terminate machines.Existing OES CFM’s are “connection ready” to QPM Network.Compatible with existing plant network (QPM uses industry standard network technology).

Two year warranty from date of purchase. For questions related to warranty, email technologies@oes-inc.com.