Wire Processing & Process Monitoring Products

Wire Processing


  • A robust crimp monitor that integrates seamlessly with virtually all automatic wire processing machines
  • Crimp defects are effectively detected and differentiated from normal crimp process variation.
  • In-process monitoring and detection of crimp defects including insulation inside conductor crimp, missing strands, change in crimp, dimension, deformed crimp, twisted terminal, worn or broken tooling, change in crimp material, variation in the crimp bell mouth.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of automatic wire processing machines.
  • Configurable features and options for integration with the wire processing machine functions.
  • Data management features for data logging. exporting, and part number entry and management.
  • Language configurable
  • 100% production traceability when connected to ForceView 3.
  • Stores data for playback or export into production and quality reports.
  • Advanced crimp force algorithms deliver the highest level of crimp defect detection with minimum false rejects.
  • Consistent and reliable crimp defect detection for a wide range of terminal and wire crimping combinations.
  • Common configuration settings support efficient and error-free machine setup.
  • ForceView 3 displays graphic detail of the crimping process, reveals process variation associated with crimping defects, and variations in the process.
Supply Voltage 24DC @ 350mA
Communications 1 Ethernet RJ45 1 USB 2.0 1 RS232 (optional)
Sensor Inputs 1
Inputs 3
Outputs 4
Mounting DIN rail
Dimensions 109.3 x 45 x 113.39 mm 4.3 x 1.77 x 4.46 inch
Other Specs
Sensor Option IEPE/ICP® Force, Strain and PBT ram adapter
User Interface PC(Forceview)
Analog Inputs DC/AC Coupled
Sensor Input Inverting / Non-Inverting (software selectable)
Voltage Gain (Incremental Steps) x0.5, x1.0, x2.0, x2.5, x4.0, x5.0, x8.0, x16.0
Operating Temperature 15 to 50°C (60 to 120°F)
Broadband Electrical Noise 20 µV rms
Mounting Din Rail
Electrical Connector I/O Removable Screw Terminals