Wire Processing & Process Monitoring Products

Wire Processing

WireScan™ Model LPA58 Series

  • Strip and Seal Inspection
  • 100% in-process inspection and traceability
  • For Integration on Automatic Wire Processing Machines
  • Dynamic optical sensor inspects for wire strip and/or seal defects
  • High resolution image profile captured, analyzed and compared to learned reference
Strip Inspection
    • Detects common strip defects such as high/low insulation shoulder, pulled strand, splayed strands, and conductor mass
Seal Insert Inspection
    • Detects common seal insertion defects such as missing seal, reversed seal, skewed seal and seal position
WireScan™ Software
    • Operator interface software for production, configuration, set-up, and data logging
  • Data logging feature for 100% data traceability
Machine Integration
  • Designed for integration onto existing and new wire processing equipment
  • Automated wire processing applications requiring 100% assurance of wire strip and seal insertion quality
WireScan™ Series package typically includes:
    • LPA58 Unit
    • WireScan™ for Windows
DIMENSIONS – Outside (mm)
Height 143
Depth 88
Width 21
DIMENSIONS – Inspection window opening(mm)
Height 30
Depth 65
Voltage Supply   24VDC
Discrete Inputs 2
Discrete Outputs 2 (relay or mosfet)
Communication RS232
Laser Light Source 658nm
CCD length (mm) 28
Number of pixels 1024
Pixel spacing/Resolution (mm) 0.027
Line scans (per second) 55K
Pixel scans (per second) 56M
Maximum passing speed 7M/sec
Wire size (AWG) 30-5 sq.
Seal size diameter 2-12mm