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Piezo Strain Sensors

High Performance
  • Piezo strain sensors were introduced to the wire processing industry by OES and are now widely adopted for general purpose wire processing applications.
  • Piezo strain sensors are dynamic measurement sensors that provide a very stable & repeatable, high resolution output of strain relative to force during the crimping process.
  • OES’ Piezo strain sensors utilize piezo-based sensor technology which provides a high level of stability, accuracy, and reliability.
  • The Piezo strain sensor provides an output in milli-volts per micro strain and can be scaled to engineering units as required.
  • A built-in signal conditioning electronic circuit facilitates signal output that can be transmitted over long cable distances over standard coax cable in the factory environment with little degradation.
Simple to install
  • The sensor is mounted on the frame of the equipment that sustains deflection (tension or compression) during the metal forming cycle.
  • OES’ standard piezo strain sensor is universally adaptable to a wide range of press models and sizes to provide very reliable performance.
  • Ideally suited for applications ranging from 2 to 25+ ton.