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PBT™ Sensors

  • Highly responsive sensors custom fit for even the most challenging crimp force monitoring applications
Highly Sensitive
  • A versatile high performance sensor developed specifically for crimp force monitoring and is ideally suited for small gauge, low force crimping applications.
  • Provides a high resolution crimp signature for superior defect detection
  • More sensitive than quartz or piezoelectric sensors
True “Plug and Play”
  • The PBT sensor is a complete substitute of the existing Ram Adapter
  • Proven to be stable and reliable in challenging production environments
  • Exceeds the high level of performance expectations for crimp force monitoring
Ram Adapter Replacement
  • Simply swap-out the existing Ram Adapter or (T-shank holder) for an identically shaped PBT Force sensor
  • The PBT Force Sensor detects the dynamic compression that is exerted through the Ram Adapter region, above the applicator tool, during the terminal crimping process
No More Shunting Effects
  • Overcomes the limitations of conventional sensors including the risk of edge loading, overloading and shunting
  • Shunting occurs when forces bypass (or are transferred in parallel to) the sensor and proceed into the base of the press.
  • Shunting negatively impacts a crimp force monitors effectiveness and this is a risk when using mechanically mounted sensors
Developed & Patented by OES
  • PBT sensor technology has been developed by OES specifically to address the needs of the wire crimping industry
  • PBT Force sensors work exclusively with the ForceWorx and ForceView line of crimp force monitors
PBT typically includes:
    • PBT Force Sensor
    • Connecting cables
Sensitivity Range 2.2 to 22.0 mV/KgF
Measurement Range (compression) 226 to 2268 KgF
Absolute Maximum Force 4536 Kg
Frequency Range 10 KHz
Non-Linearity ≤ 1 % FS[1]
Temperature Range (Operating) -10 to +60 °C
Excitation Voltage 20-30 VDC
Constant Current Excitation 2-20 mA
Output Bias Voltage 4-8 VDC
Housing Material 4140 Tool Steel type
Electrical Connector SMB Coaxial Jack type
Size Machine Specific
Weight Machine Specific