Wire Processing & Process Monitoring Products

Wire Processing


  • A cost-effective, proven defect chopper system that works with both bench presses and automatic machines
Automatically Isolates Circuits with Defective Crimps
  • Connects with OES’s Crimp Force Monitors (CFMs)
  • The WireChop can be set to automatically chop the circuit
  • Alternatively, when the CFM detects a bad crimp, the WireChop system can be configured to grip the circuit for secondary inspection
  • Eliminates risk of human error in mixing good and bad wire crimp circuits
Quick Tooling Changes
  • Collapsible mounting bracket allows for quick die changeover without the need to reset the chopper system
Minimal Maintenance
  • Designed for a long production life
Simple Installation
  • The WireChop’s thin design facilitates installation on a wide range of bench presses and automatic machines
  • Top air fitting can be placed under cylinder if necessary to prevent interference
WireChop package typically includes:
    • WireChop Unit
    • 24VDC pneumatic solonoid and valve
Specifications AU900A AU901A
Max Operating Air Pressure 100 psi 100 psi
Min Operating Air Pressure 80 psi 80 psi
Max Cutting Capacity @ 100psi 2.08mm²[AWG 14] 6.33mm² [AWG 8]
Max Cutting Capacity @ 80psi 0.82mm²[AWG 18] 5.26mm² [AWG 10]
*Dimensions are in mm
  AU900A AU901A
Height 52 52
Length 82 85
Width 13 20
Gap Width 8 8